Frequent Questions

  • Ordering more than 1 item:

When ordering more than 1 item, please note that you may receive them separately. In order for us to reduce our delivery costs , our products are delivered directly from our manufacturers. So If your orders is shipped from more than 1 manufacturer you will receive each tracking id separately.

  •  Payment methods: 

We accept online payment through Paypal. Clients are required to have a Paypal account in order to be able to place an order. 

  • Shipping:

Our products are delivered worldwide with regular mail shipping. Some items may be shipped with DHL or Fedex to some specific countries. 

  • Shipping Costs:
Shipping is free worldwide.
    • Order fulfillment time:

      Orders are usually fulfilled between 1 and 7 days maximum after the payment is received.

      Which means that you will receive your shipping confirmation email with the tracking ID 1 to 7 days after your payment is received.

      • Delivery Time:

      Regular mail delivery takes between 16 and 22 days in the United States. In some vary rare cases it may take up to 30-40 days.

      For DHL Express or Fedex, the delivery time takes between 6 and 16 days maximum.

      For the rest of the world, delivery takes usually 20 to 50 days, in some very rare cases it may take up to 65 days. Please keep that in mind and do not worry if your order takes a while to arrive.

      In any case, we encourage you to email us at for any information or details about your order.

      • What to do if the items in my order are damaged or missing? 

      As soon as you receive your order, make sure to check it asap, if any item is missing or damaged, or there is any problem with your package, take a clear picture of it along with the packaging, and include in your email your full name and the email address you used while making the order, and email them to us at You will be either refunded or another item will be sent to you for free. Please keep in mind that our Refund-Return policy is applicable 15 days after receiving the order, so make sure to contact us as soon as possible.